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Car Review of 2014 Toyota Fortuner: A Modern SUV

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2014 Toyota Fortuner
2014 Toyota Fortuner

In addition, the car must also have adequate luggage space. To overcome this problem, maybe you should make your choice on a familiar car, the 2014 Toyota Fortuner G VNT. If you still feel unfamiliar with this car, then I recommend you to read this car review of 2014 Toyota Fortuner G VNT.

Front Exterior

Our car review will begin with the front exterior of the car. The 2014 Toyota Fortuner G VNT equipped with a trapezoidal design grille using chrome accents. It comes with a headlight projector with a sharp angled design to make this SUV look elegant. Then, in the front bumper also embedded fog lamps along with Daytime Running Light (DRL) in between. In addition, because the 2014 Toyota Fortuner G VNT has used a turbo on its engine, then the air scoop is mounted on the hood which functions as a supplier of fresh air to the intercooler.

luxurious front exterior
luxurious front exterior

The back of the 2014 Toyota Fortuner G VNT has stop lamps, using clear mica with chrome accents in it. Moreover, there is also a chrome accented rear garnish on the back that stretches long that reads “Fortuner” exuding a luxurious impression for this SUV. Do not forget there is also a roof spoiler to make this car looks sporty.

7 Seater SUV

Toyota Fortuner G VNT 2014 can be a choice of a big SUV with excellence on all terrain roads that you can use every day. Big SUV with a capacity of 7 passengers offers a variety of comfort and security that is quite capable. This car is the right choice if you like to go on vacation with your family or your best friends. As mentioned before, this car is also strong in all terrain roads. You don’t need to worry if you drive this car through steep roads or even rocky roads.

The price of this car is pegged between 270 to 290 million rupiah. The price is quite commensurate with the performance and appearance of the car. The diesel engine used by the 2014 Toyota Fortuner G VNT gives the best contribution to its ability to be used to drive on all terrain in both urban and light off-road tracks. Furthermore, this SUV is also packed with safety features that are quite capable. With the support of Toyota’s good brand image and maintained resale value. This Fortuner car is one of the popular SUVs for Indonesian automotive consumers whose presence is worthy of your consideration.