Understanding Car Engine and How to Make it Last Longer

Understanding Car Engine and How to Make it Last Longer

The engine is the most important component of a car, it requires special attention. However, not only the engine, there are several components of a car that require maintenance so that the performance of a car is maintained at a high level. The followings are important components that must be maintained in order to avoid damage that requires unexpected costs.

Understanding Car Engine and How to Make it Last Longer
Understanding Car Engine and How to Make it Last Longer
  • Find out car battery

If a vehicle has not driven for such a long time, the batteries will run out quickly. Or maybe your car was left to park in the garage for a long time. To avoid this, the car needs to be activated by starting the vehicle or driving it for a few minutes. This is important to avoid damage to the engine management system and some fine electronic components in the electronic system. This method can solve the problem on the engine, especially in winter.

  • Oil filter replacement

You need to find out and check the oil filter on your car. In certain times of use, the oil filter tends to get clogged and this is the time to replace with the new ones regularly which can be done when the car service is carried out in a designated authorized repair shop. Actually this job is very simple, if you want to do it yourself by washing and cleaning it so that it can be used again, make sure you follow the advice in the manual for doing this job and buy official spare parts, because buying a cheap and unqualified oil filter will damage. your car engine. Of course, doing this work with your own hands will save a lot.

  • Drive it, feel it

Driving a car smoothly and feeling the mechanical performance of your car is something you have to practice every time. By attentively listening to the sound of the engine, and your car’s motion system, you can feel everything is working optimally. But on the contrary, you will feel if something is wrong through a strange engine sound for example or the steering wheel, gas pedal and so on, so you know what to do to fix it. In other words, you must carefully to look at it and find out how these components work. That way, the components in your car will always work well and make efficient use of fuel.

  • Wisely use car air conditioner

Use the air conditioner wisely, you know when to turn the air conditioner on and off. The cooling system in a car has a different performance, a car air conditioner that has never been turned on for a certain period of time results in a leak in the coolant gas and vice versa if you use the air conditioner excessively you can end up with a high bill because you have to replace it with a gas refillable air conditioner.

You have to know when to turn on the air conditioner, and when to turn it off. Using the car ventilation is the right solution when the air conditioner is not used intensively.

Those are some of the important components that you must pay attention to in order to maintain the performance of your car and certainly save costs a lot.

General Issues with Car Engine and How to Deal with

Have you ever experienced that your car engine won’t start in the morning? There must be something wrong. Maybe this is one of the problems that most people are facing. But that’s not all, car engines tend to have problems we didn’t imagine before. In this article you will get basic information about common problems with your car engine and how to solve them. Let’s find out some common problems that might happen to your machine.

Understanding Car Engine and How to Make it Last Longer
Understanding Car Engine and How to Make it Last Longer

As there are various common problems that occur in car engines. There are three main things that will be the focus of the discussion in this article, namely fuel quality, compression and lighter.

  • Poor quality Fuel mixture

Incorrect or poor-quality fuel mixing will result in the following things:

  • Run out of fuel, with the engine getting enough air but fuel is not available
  • The air passage in the engine becomes blocked, which results in the availability of sufficient fuel but not enough air.
  • Consumption of too much or too little fuel into the mixture which results in the combustion not working properly.
  • The presence of impurities mixed in the fuel such as what happens in the fuel tank which results in incomplete combustion, which often sounds unnatural engine sounds.
  • There may be impurities in the fuel (such as water in your gas tank) that is preventing the fuel from burning.
  • Insufficient Compression

The combustion activity in a car engine cannot occur properly if the availability of air and fuel cannot be compressed properly. Insufficient compression may occur for the following reasons:

  • The piston rings are worn which causes the air or fuel mixture to leak so that the mixture flows through the piston during the compression process.
  • In and out valves do not close completely, sometimes causing the mixture to leak during compression operations.
  • The cylinder is found to have several holes
  • The hole in the cylinder is generally found at the top of the cylinder which functions as the valve cover and the spark plug which is known as the cylinder cover. In general, this serves as a seal that regulates the flow from inside the cylinder. When the seal is broken, it tends to result in holes forming and a tendency to leak.
  • Insufficient Sparks

There is not enough spark or the spark is too weak as it could be due to the following reasons:

  • There may be wear of the spark plugs or damage to the wires connected to the spark plugs, so the spark is very weak.
  • When it is found that the cable is damaged or broken, then a spark will never occur. This is because the network on the cable cannot conduct fire because the soft components of the cable are damaged.
  • When the sparks have occurred earlier or the opposite has occurred later. This will have an effect on the fuel burning at the wrong time. This could be because maybe the battery has expired, or maybe the automatic opening and closing valves are not working properly.