Helpful Cars Accessories To Have

Helpful Cars Accessories To Have

Though accessories are not essential parts in a car, having them will add more convenience in your car. Some even adorn the look of cars. With effectiveness as the point, here are some car accessories that will help you during the daily ride or urgent situations.

Helpful Cars Accessories To Have
Helpful Cars Accessories To Have
  1. Car mount holder

Nowadays, phones provide certain functions like GPS, song players, and hands-free communication devices. Phones also are connected to certain car systems like tire pressure and air vent. To utilize those features while driving, a car mount holder makes your phone reachable. Lately, some holders are even equipped with a wireless phone charger.

  1. Jumpstarter

We never know when the unfortunate moment of our car will happen. In dead battery cases, you will be saved if you bring a jump starter kit in your car. Some kits also include a battery charger that can charge both the car battery and phone (if the kit provides a phone charger adaptor).

  1. Heads-up display

To make you focus on your driving view, set a HUD up right across the steering. HUD systems have varied functions some can display a GPS route of your lane or project outside view of the windshield. Newest HUD system involves the infra-red signal to visualize the road and surroundings when the view is foggy or unclear.

  1. Dash camera

The latest cars mostly have rear-view camera built-in. If yours don’t have, you better get one. The dash camera assists you while parking.

  1. Tire pressure monitoring system

Prevention is better than cure. Avoid tire blowout or flat tire during a trip by having a tire pressure monitoring system. It involves a sensor in the valve tire caps and the digital/analog receivers. Some even connect the sensor to the phones.

  1. Car key finder

Of all car parts, a key is the most common part that goes missing. To help you find them, attach a key binder to your car key. Some finders use sound, Bluetooth, or radio signals. Current finders also include GPS tracker.

  1. Car seat cushion and covers

This accessory does not only give you comfort but also effectiveness. Seat cushions can be relaxing during a trip. Additional pillow headrests and neck supports can minimalize neck stiffness. The passengers even can fall asleep soundly. Meanwhile, seat covers protect the seats from any stains. The covers can also decorate your car’s inside look with their colors and patterns. Some car backseat covers even have pockets and organizers, so you can keep your car neat and clean.

  1. Security lock

Whether it is a car gear lock, brake lock, or steering lock, installing a lock will secure your car. In theft cases, a car with additional lock needs more time and techniques to get stolen.

  1. Glass breaker and seatbelt cutter

Getting trapped in a car or getting locked from the outside are some unfortunate moments that no one wants. Having these tools in your car can save lives during those moments. They are available in big and small sizes. The small ones can be attached to a car key chain.

  1. Rooftop cargo

For adventure seekers, this is a must accessory to have. It helps you carry extra things during a road trip or while you move out. It’s available in several models. Also check tips to keep car performing flawlessly

Helpful Cars Accessories To Have
Helpful Cars Accessories To Have